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“Do we have BEFORE photos?!”

‘That looks great! You know what we should do?…we should post before and after pics on our blog!’

‘Do we have ‘BEFORE’ photos?!’

While updating our details on some time ago they asked when the last time was we upgraded our guesthouses. The answer was, ‘a couple of weeks ago’. But it struck me then as a strange question. We’re always busy upgrading. Most of the time its smaller things like placing frosting on some of the windows, or replacing curtains with blinds. But we’re constantly saying things like, ‘As soon as we have enough money in our fund we have to … ‘ And the list is ever growing. Its more dreaming out loud than actual hard planning. So it was about a year ago we decided to upgrade the front garden of Helens Cottage…and forgot to take ‘before’ photos.

DeKeurboom garden layout plan.

With the looming drought we decided to go for a artificial lawn, and indigenous plants. Having a green garden at the cost of high water usage was no longer an option and artificial lawns in an area that would not have much foot-traffic was a no-brainer. Thus followed the long arguments of how we would renovate the garden. Both Linda and myself loved the idea of re-creating this little space, but seeing as I was going to be the person doing the actual work, my voice carried a little more weight. Se settled on a slightly ambitious, but simple brick path running down the centre, with a reclaimed fountain, tree and bird bath planted at intervals. Easy! Now al we had to do, was do it. Armed with Gift, my friendly side kick and gardener, inspired and inexperienced we set out to make it happen!

Step one,

Remove about 50 wheelbarrows worth of garden rocks. Step one was about as much fun as you’d expect, but with that done…

Step two,

POWERTOOLS! Much more fun! (For us at least, the neighbours not so much)
Gift and myself rented a compactor and set to work flattening and levelling the soil in the garden.

Step three,

We started laying the little pathway. As it turns out creating a curved little path (as per our sketch) would be a real struggle, so we opted for a little less ambitious straight path.

Dekeurboom Garden renovation.

Step four,

Cementing the path, and building the two flowerbeds.

Step five,

We had to raise the level of the ground in the two areas next to the path. So wheelbarrow (again) and compactor (also again).

Leveling the areas next to the path and laying down a ground-sheet.

Step six,

Cut the ground sheets and artificial lawn to size and shape, then hammer them in place using giant nails.

Step seven,

Paint the fountain.
We gave the fountain a dark brown undercoat, painted it liberally with wood glue, and applied the turquoise paint on the wet (bear with us) wood glue. This causes the top coat to crack and look aged when drying. We stole this idea here:

Step eight,

Plant the Clivias and cover the soil with tree bark to help save on water evaporation.

Step nine,

Contact the estate agents and ask them if they have any photos of the garden before we went to work on it…SUCCESS!

All in all the entire process took Gift and myself about three days with regular breaks for rain.

Final before and after.

Easter at De Keurboom Guesthouses.

Easter at De Keurboom Guesthouse

With Summer almost behind us, and Autumn on our doorstep it’s time to start planning your Easter break-away. Let’s make it easy for you, here’s some ideas to consider, should you book your weekend at De Keurboom Guesthouse;

After a long and tiering road trip, your comfortable, clean and cosy De Keurboom cottage will be ready for you, unpack, unwind and get into that holiday mood while you sit under the shaded pergola sipping your favourite sundowner. Boasting an indoor- and outdoor braai, your long weekend kicks off. After a good nights’ rest, your Easter activities awaits you, here are some suggestions;

Easter at The V&A Waterfront:

Highlights for kids include a petting zoo, egg decorating workshops, interactive dance and music sessions at the amphitheatre, an appearance by the Easter Bunny, while the adults enjoy a fashion show. The Comedy Club at The Pumphouse will be hosting some great shows throughout the weekend.

City Bowl Night Market:

On the Thursday before Good Friday, the City Bowl Market on Hope Street will be open late as part of the First Thursday initiative, starting at 16h30 – 20h30. Browse the stalls and enjoy a craft beer, gourmet food and plenty other goodies. Entry free.

First Fridays at Triggerfish

Triggerfish Brewing is a Somerset West based craft brewery focusing on brewing a wide range of exceptional craft beer. Every first of the month at Triggerfish is game night and we want you to join in on Cards, Jenga, Beer Pong, Bocce, Chess, Uno, Backgammon and Darts! Bring your friends, family, a special someone and enjoy a fun-filled evening at Triggerfish.

Easter Picnic and Sunday Lunch at Hazendal Wine Estate:

Set amongst picturesque oak trees, rolling green lawns, tranquil lake and vineyard scenery this pretty estate is ideal for picnics. Grab a picnic basket for 2 (includes snacks plus wine) or savour a Sunday buffet lunch. Booking essential. Hazendal is a mere 5km from De Keurboom Guesthouse.

Why spend Easter in Cape Town?

The weather is still warm but pleasant, we have an abundance of beaches, natural attractions, a constant holiday atmosphere and a huge range of things to do, and if you decide to make Cape Town your Easter destination, De Keurboom Guesthouse should be your number 1 consideration for accommodation.

Weekend Adventures for Young & Old.

  1. Visit the Toy & Miniature Museum.

The Toy Museum in Stellenbosch is a world of enchantment you must not miss.
The museum houses a collection of 1:12 scale miniatures, room boxes, antique dolls, dinky cars, cuddly toys and an extremely detailed and lifelike miniature of South Africa ‘s famous Blue train – the only one of its kind in Africa!


When:  Monday (09:00 – 16:30) to Saturday (09:00 – 14:00)
Public Holidays: 09:00 – 14:00)
Where: 25 Market Street, Stellenbosch (Behind Visitors’ Bureau)
Price:   R5 (children) R15 (adults)


  1. Story Time at the Book Lounge.

Every Saturday at 11am is Storytime! The recommended age guideline is 3-8 years old, but all are welcome and Storytime is always free of charge. There is no need to RSVP and hot beverages, juice, and sweet treats will be on sale.  A few stories in a specific theme are read to our little guests and then we do a craft. Please join us!


When:  Saturdays at 11:00
Where: 71 Roeland Street, Cnr Buitenkant & Roeland Street, Cape Town
Price:   Free!


  1. A day on Intaka Island.

Intaka Island, an award-winning 16 hectare wetlands and bird sanctuary, is home to 177 species of indigenous fynbos plants and 120 bird species. Intaka – which means ‘bird’ in Xhosa – is a unique example of nature conservation and urban development co-existing in harmony. Apart from its environmental significance, the area offers a place of solace to take a stroll, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


When:  Daily 7:30 – 17:30
Where: Intaka Island, Century City, Cape Town
Price:   R20 (adults) R12 (children)


  1. A tour of Newlands Brewery

‘It’s always gone against our grain to use anything but the finest 100% pure natural Newlands spring water in every one of our legendary beers. And it always will. Of course history is written on the pages of legend, like the traditions of our legendary beers. The taste of tradition, our beer is the toast of legends and, at the end of the day, more refreshing than pure mountain water.’




When:  Tuesday to Thursday 10:00, 12:00 & 14:00
Wednesday 18:00, Friday 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 & 16:00
Saturday 10:00 & 12:00
Where: Newlands Brewery
Price:   R100 (adults) R60 (pensioners & students)


  1. The Rainbow Puppet Theatre in Constantia.

The use of puppets in performance and storytelling reportedly dates back to 3000 BC and, perhaps as a testament to its value, is still a popular and thriving form of entertainment today.  Keeping this ancient method of performance alive in South Africa is the Rainbow Puppet Theatre.


When:  Saturdays 10:00 & 11:15
Where: Constantia Waldorf School
Price:   R25

  1. World of Adventure at ROOT44 Market.

Grab the whole family and head down to this fun-filled play zone on the R44 in Stellenbosch. Jam-packed with exciting activities and games that will keep little ones (and their parents) entertained for hours, World of Adventure is the perfect all-weather play zone designed to bring the entire bunch together with both indoor and outdoor jungle gyms, a mini golf course (mums and dads are invited to play too), a peddle cart track, a 30m double slip and slide, as well as a splash park.


When:  Saturday & Sunday 9:00 – 17:00
Where: Root 44 Market
Price:   Ages 1 and 2 years – R35 per child

Ages 3-12 – R95 per child

Adult Entrance – R20 per adult

Mini Golf Only – R35 per person

under 12 months are free

The Importance of Taking a Vacation for, De-stressing, Recovery & Reflecting

De Keurboom - Vacation by the beach

Every vacation planning & destination should be mind-blowing and you should love every single moment that you spend there with your family, friends or partner. The pinnacle of the holiday should be memorable and exciting at the same time. Any planned vacation destination should bring you joy, laughter as well as relaxation of the mind. The atmosphere should be exquisite, the food should be amazing and the overall guest house should be beautiful.

Vacations could possibly be one of the best ways to relieve stress and it can help you to increase productivity and performance on the job or even at home with your family and help you make a few life decisions that can be beneficiary. If your family or friends are planning on going on a restful vacation and a restorative one, then taking a break can give you a valuable time away from the all-day grind and it will give you time to recoup and to avoid burnout.

Not all holiday getaways are stress relieving and some may leave you exhausted because of all the planned activities that you will most certainly take part in. Only you as a person will know the type of holiday that will give you the feeling that you truly need which is relaxation, de-stressing and reflecting. Here are a few factors that tend to contribute to a quiet and restful time away:


  • You can get free time for yourself and work on your relationship with love ones.
  • The location might be warmer and sunnier or the new sights might help.
  • You can get good sleep, with no work on the brain.
  • You can make new acquaintances or even find a new love
  • You can get some fresh air away from stress and exercise during the vacation to reflect since this is a good way for that.

If you get the chance and resources to go on a well-deserved holiday then make time in your busy schedule to take a break from your busy life and get to recover from all the hustle and bustle, and stressful events in your life. A vacation will help your well-being.

For a well-deserved vacation, visit De Keurboom Guest House today and get some time to yourself or bring the family along, with loads of activities in the area to choose from and the beach a drive away. Get in touch with us today!

Benefits of choosing a Guesthouse over a Hotel


Benefits of choosing a Guesthouse over a Hotelc
Benefits of choosing a Guesthouse over a Hotel


Are you in need of a long holiday? Are you looking for a beautiful place to visit? If you are planning a trip to a metro city like Cape Town then staying in any hotel in such a city can most definitely be costly for many of you. But, one good option for stay is a guest house. No matter, if it is a guest house in Johannesburg, Durban or a guesthouse in Cape Town, a guest house will normally have some great benefits overs a hotel. Below listed are some of the amazing be advantages which can make your stay amazing at a guest house when compared to a hotel.

  • Guest Houses Reasonably Priced – when put into contrast most guest house prices to that of a hotel, you will in most cases notice guest houses are significantly cheaper especially in well-known travel destinations. This however, does not mean you will be experiencing lower standard in any aspect.
  • Personalized Service Delivery – An awesome benefit of staying at a guest house is that the service is often more personalized and focused than in a hotel. With fewer guests normally staying at a guest house, it often means the level of service received by guests will be more attentive and caring. Thus ensuring the guests get the attention and treatment they truly deserve.
  • Perfect For Business Meetings – When you are visiting a city for business related purposes a guest house can be the perfect environment for business meetings, especially when you are on a budget, with the extra privacy and personalized service available hosting your meetings at the guest house could be the added icing on the cake.
  • Faster Check In And Check Outs – With fewer rooms and fewer guests to cater for staying at guest houses it provides a tranquil, relaxing environment to quickly and easily check in and check out.

For more information about our beautiful guest house in Kuils River, Cape Town, visit our website now and make your holiday one to remember! De Keurboom

5 Cosy spots for winter wine tasting.

With Winter  holidays around the corner, here’s some advice about why you should consider paying a visit to De Keurboom Guesthouse. Stellenbosch, 18km drive from De Keurboom Guesthouses has a number of stunning locations where you can enjoy a glass of wine in an oversized lounger next to a cosy indoor fireplace.

Delheim wine Estate with its famous cob-webbed window is a chockfull of charm. Visit their cosy “downstairs” cellar and if you’re looking for something extra special the tasting room staff to show you the “collector’s corner” at the back.





Kleine Zalze offers winter visitors some enticing winter specials including the Winter Plate which comes with a hearty winter meal along with a generous glass of Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection (red or white wine) at R195 per person.






Bistro 13 in Stellenbosch offers visitors a warm, crackling fireplace and a comfy lounge area where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious winter menu. The tasting fee is R30 for five wines and for the peckish tasters you can order a food platter to accompany your wine or coffee, tea and soft drinks, non-alcoholic options are also available.





Hartenberg Wine Estate on the slopes of Bottelary Hills a mere 15km from De Keurboom Guesthouse offers fine country food and slow-crafted wine. Enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire while indulging in our award winning wines and Eleanor’s delicious farm-style soups.






Kaapzicht Wine Estate on the Bottelary Road is literally on the doorstep from De Keurboom Guesthouse, only 7km away and a quick 10minutes drive time. Discover what makes fine country food and slow-crafted wine so special. During the Bottelary Hills Pop Up Lunches event the celebrated Scotland-born chef George Jardine will present his signature foodie pizzazz and pairing the wines from the Bottelary Hills with some of his mouth-watering dishes is an opportunity not to be missed.




Although De Keurboom Guesthouse is filling up fast, we’ve still got some availability for the Winter months. Don’t waste time and book for an experience that will fondly be remembered.

The Perks of a Luxury Self-Catering Holiday in Cape Town

De Keurboom guest house

The Perks of a Luxury Self-Catering Holiday in Cape Town

More and more people travel to South Africa every year for vacations and holidays. In fact, this has been a developing trend for many years now. However, more and more people have changed their preference of accommodations by choosing self-catering accommodation in Cape Town rather than hotels.

Quite a number of people don’t like using hotels, though it has never really occurred to most of them to rent a self-catering apartment and they would never have known where to start looking. Self-catering guesthouses and apartments are some of the best forms of accommodation you can get today.

Self-Catering accommodation in Cape Town for family vacation

Very few hotels can accommodate a family of four or five people in one room. You will often need to pay for an extra room which makes the prices extremely expensive. Most hotels also have very strict rules about taking a drink or food up to the rooms. Kids can also be noisy and it certainly won’t be a proper holiday for you because you will be waiting for someone to complain about noise from next door.

People who have stayed in guesthouses and apartments in South Africa will agree to the fact that they are luxurious and very practical. It almost feels like having your property in Cape Town. There is a lot of self-catering accommodation in the city. A search on Google will pull a list of sites where self-catering apartments are being offered for rent. It happens that most apartments are private rents by expatriates who have bought property in South Africa and simply want to rent it out to cover the running cost. There are also companies that have built self-catering apartments for rent.

You will find guesthouses with lots of luxury bathrooms so that you wouldn’t have to sleep on a double-decker bed. You will also save a lot of money because each unit has a kitchen, which means that you don’t have to go to a restaurant to eat every night.

If you wish to visit Cape Town then you should take your time to research the best family apartments for rent. The fact that you can make a reservation online is absolutely incredible. You can make your reservation online and pay the money upon your arrival. You will also need to pay for daily cleaning. This is good because you don’t have to spend the whole day cleaning up the apartment. The next time you are visiting Cape Town, ensure that you book you self-catering apartment in advance.


De Keurboom Guesthouse was established in 1996 as one of the first self-catering accommodation guesthouses in Kuils River. Kuils River is nestled at the foot of the Bottelary Hills, in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, where our guests can enjoy the benefits of the City in a relaxed, country lifestyle. Within easy reach of Cape Town International Airport, the Kuils River Golf Course, Zevenwacht Wine Estate, and various shopping malls.

Each De Keurboom self-catering unit consists of a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, digital safe and plenty of cupboard space. Crisp white linen and down duvets ensure a pleasant night’s sleep. Two twin-bedded rooms share the second bathroom, and the open-plan living area with indoor barbeque and adjoining patio area with shaded pergola and wooden patio furniture provides an excellent entertainment area. The lounge has a wall mounted panel heater, and oil heaters are available for the bedrooms. Fans are available for the lounge and bedrooms, as well as hair dryers. De Keurboom also has a fully equipped kitchen has a fridge, freezer, microwave oven, stove, iron and ironing board. The lounge has ample seating as well as DSTV. A lock-up garage for one motor vehicle is available for each unit.