Why Guesthouses are better than hotels

Visiting a brand new country? Or province? Maybe even city?

There are so many things that need to be decided when travelling, and many of those factors determine whether you’ll enjoy your visit as well as get the true feel of the area you’re visiting.

As much as you’d try to argue it, your accommodation is the most important part of your visit. So now you’re asking, hotel or guesthouse?

Guesthouse! Obviously, we’d say that, but with an extremely great reason. Actually, four great reasons for you to stay at a guesthouse!

Cost Efficient

Because most guesthouses are self-catering accommodations, what you have to pay to stay there is drastically much less than what you’d pay per night at a hotel.

Relaxed environment

Guesthouses are much more relaxed than hotels, but this is open for debate. You might not be getting a pool on the roof, and you definitely won’t be getting the city feel that comes along with staying in a hotel. But you are guaranteed a relaxed home space, that’s close to the city as well as an opportunity to stay amongst the locals. This exposes you to learning what the area you’re staying in is about and the culture, as well as the type of people staying in that area.

Work and Leisure

Guesthouses are fit for both work and leisure. Each guesthouse is fully furnished; depending on the one you choose, has sufficient facilities for you and your family to have fun, or for you to get all your work done. Guesthouses are also secure and safe for you if you’re there alone as well as if you’re on a family vacation. So you don’t have to worry about your car or any of your valuables as well as your own safety and your family’s safety.

Home away from home

Enjoy the pleasures of a hotel while feeling at home. If you choose well, the guesthouse you stay in will have the best facilities at your fingertips. Guesthouses offer credit cards: visa or master; fax sending and receiving; secure parking; laundry service; infant cot; airport transfers (by prior arrangement); breakfast and supper available (by prior arrangement) and free Wi-Fi; mini library.

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