5 Cosy spots for winter wine tasting.

With Winter  holidays around the corner, here’s some advice about why you should consider paying a visit to De Keurboom Guesthouse. Stellenbosch, 18km drive from De Keurboom Guesthouses has a number of stunning locations where you can enjoy a glass … Read More

The Perks of a Luxury Self-Catering Holiday in Cape Town

The Perks of a Luxury Self-Catering Holiday in Cape Town More and more people travel to South Africa every year for vacations and holidays. In fact, this has been a developing trend for many years now. However, more and more … Read More

5 Good reasons to visit De Keurboom Guesthouse in Autumn

Annual South African Cheese Festival: Takes place at Sandringham near Stellenbosch, with the spotlight on cheese and good wine. Where else would such a perfect combination be more suitable than in the Cape Winelands? Although cheese is the main focus … Read More

Fully booked for The Two Oceans Marathon

This epic event takes place during Easter Weekend in Cape Town and had De Keurboom Guesthouse jam-packed with runners! While visiting they extended their stay and made the most of visiting some of the major attractions in the Cape Town … Read More

Why Guesthouses are better than hotels

Visiting a brand new country? Or province? Maybe even city? There are so many things that need to be decided when travelling, and many of those factors determine whether you’ll enjoy your visit as well as get the true feel … Read More

Touring Cape Town

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most beautiful cities. It also blossoms with tourist attractions and culture, art and so much more. However, it can be overwhelming with all there is to see, so we’ve put together a list … Read More

Cooking on Fire’ Braai Competition

Ever since we started offering meals at DeKeurboom our chef has received a lot of compliments on his cooking. We decided to put him and some of our guests’ favourite recipes to the test. These are the recipes that won … Read More